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May 5, 2012

Wild Child

This weeks submissions are all about being free and being at ease with yourself. 
Try it, even if just for today. 

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.
Winston Churchill
Submitted by Grace Elizabeth Marrero

December 18, 2011


I believe in magic;
in wind blowing through smoke,
in grass growing around concrete,
in trees growing from garbage,
& life springing out of decay.

I believe in small miracles
 in phoenixes & pixies
in laying in the grass until
the sun comes up again
& counting stars all night

in swimming
in a lake, at night
till we cant feel our fingertips

I believe in talking to someone new everyday,
in coloring a dismal building
with cheerful words
& standing up for the silent

I believe we have to save ourselves,
yet you have & continue to help me

I believe in rocking the line between
loneliness & independence
& finding beauty in the breakdown

I believe in feeling hail, sunburn, & wind.

I believe that roses have their thorns,
& that's what makes them beautiful.

I believe that time waits for no man,
& no matter your circumstances,
the world keeps turning.

Emily Sexton 2010

Thank you Emily for the beautiful submission :)

December 5, 2011

Waking Heart

photo by *_Abhi_* on flickr
"I never want to be angry, I never want to let fear control me, I never wish to crush another. Sadness will come, it will come. It is a part of life, a part of what makes us us. Embrace it, learn, don't look on those times with negativity and curse all sadness that it should never happen and if it does something is wrong. You are very wrong. Take those things near, hold them, but don't let them overpower you in a way that ends up destroying your entire being. 

Learn the power of love. There is nothing that I hold in a higher respect than love. I am hypocritical of my own words, but I know that I will always always come back to this, my inner being. Nothing or no-one will ever take this from me. So please just know that in all my life, I've tried... to love."

Submitted by James, an extract from his blog (visit here) or check his inspiring music here  : )

Ps. it's nice to be back!
☮ & ❤,

June 25, 2011



 by Emily Dickinson

It is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never gives up at all...

(Submitted by Renetta)

June 22, 2011

Some Thoughts On Love

[ Submitted by inbedallday, visit her tumblr :) ]

photo by idea ablaze on flickr
Before anything else we need self-love. Otherwise we won’t feel we have anything to offer others, and we will doubt the love offered to us.

It can be felt for people we have just met, or people we have known our whole lives. Not to say they are similar in nature, but you can love everyone you meet, even just a little.

We cannot survive with too little, we will starve for the affection. But in an ocean of love we lose ourselves, we tire and drown.

It can knock you down, and make you feel the worst you’ll ever feel. But at other times it can just as easily pick you up when you stumble and make you feel whole again.

It can be therapeutic and cleansing. When we love someone we give them a part of ourselves, we share the brightest parts of our soul with them. Whether for a few hours, or for decades, we become renewed.

Fear of losing love is perpetrated by the misconception that we are in some way alone in our experiences. Someone somewhere will always love you, and that is strength enough. Enough to forgive others, forgive yourself, and slowly start all over again.

June 21, 2011


"Utopia is in the horizon.
I walk two steps, she moves away two steps and the horizon, ten more.

Then "What is utopia for?"
For that.
For walking"

- Eduardo Galeano

(Thanks to Ricardo for this submission!)

June 15, 2011

The Power of Forgiveness

Submitted by Dawn, visit her at

      It has taken over fifty years for me to begin to discover the power of forgiveness. A surprising corollary to that understanding has been that, whenever I stop assigning power to the person or event that hurt me, I am a happier person.  Every time I find the strength to forgive someone, something good rushes in to fill the space my resentment once occupied.  It’s as if condemnation, with its far-reaching and evil tentacles, tries to stifle goodness.  It takes persistence, desire and vigilance to achieve forgiveness.

Since Sunday-school teachers drilled it, grade-school teachers recited it, and high-school teachers demanded it, I have tried to live by the Golden Rule to “do unto others as you would have the do unto you.” I have done a fair-to-middling job in that practice.  Where I have been most deficient is in tearing up the list of misdeeds I have suffered. In self-indulgent moments, I imagine a long-robed judge sitting through my recitation of the wrongs I have endured.  Her head nods in silent encouragement as I pour forth with my sorry tales.  Finally, she sets forth her judgment, proclaiming as justified and warranted my feelings of anger and resentment. Her legitimization leaves me righteous and satisfied.   I am left with a twinge of disappointment when my fabricated Goddess fades from view.

                When we suffer an injustice or hurt by another, we rush to judge them and condemn them for having made us suffer.  That anger is pernicious.  Before long, it becomes the dye in which our world is colored.  Hard-earned experience has taught me that forgiveness is like an invisible contract we have to make between ourselves and the ghost of the person who hurt us.

To break it down, there are seven steps to practicing forgiveness.                                                                                                                                    
Seven Steps to Forgiveness:
1.     Acknowledge your feelings of anger and resentment.

2.     Identify why you have these emotions.

3.     Allow yourself time to experience these feelings.

4.     Desire the release that forgiveness offers.

5.     Picture how things would be without this negativity in your life.
Practice blame-free living in short bursts.
Dig deep and offer light and goodness to the person or people who hurt you.  Repeat    “I forgive you, I release you, I am letting you go.”

6.     Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you feel detached from the person or people that hurt you.
       7.  Accept that forgiveness is a process. Expect to go three steps forward and two steps back. Blame and resentment can resurface without warning.  Be prepared to renew your efforts.   

Forgiveness is an act that demands that we let go our sense of the injustice we have suffered.  When we release our judgments and seek understanding instead, we are giving to others what we would ask for ourselves.  We must not forgive once, twice nor even seventeen times.  We must forgive until we find only love in our hearts; be assured that love comes back to us and multiplies.  Through forgiveness, there is redemption. In forgiveness, we are made whole.

May 21, 2011

You're Beautiful

[Thanks to Samantha for sharing this song]

I see your power in the moonlit night
Where planets are in motion and galaxies are bright
We are amazed in the light of the stars
It's all proclaiming who you are
You're beautiful, You're beautiful

May 18, 2011


[Submitted by Jess. Visit her at]

The world around us is consistently changing. It experiences death but then creates life in a matter of seconds. There is constant growth and discovery and the same things never happen twice. Why, then, does it amaze me every time my own life changes? It could be because many times I don't control the change. Yet I have come to see that the greatest amazement comes from the results of my own decisions.

Friends move away, family members pass, and we go on. But the minute we decide something that ends in a way we didn't expect, all is lost. The familiarity we had is no longer- our world slowly begins to crumble and then it all collapses. There is still hope, somewhere, but we can't find it. There is air to be breathed, places to be discovered and people to meet, yet we are incapable of seeing and feeling anything outside the physical pain this one, single decision has caused. 

It sucks. 

So what do you do? Do you stop making decisions and hope the world can make them for you? Do you shut yourself out completely and close off to everyone and everything that makes this world good? Maybe you continue with the world, but you become so incredibly cynical towards anything related to this decision that you are unbearable to be around.


You cry. You scream, you yell, you throw something (preferably not at someone). You talk to yourself because "no one understands you." You listen to sad songs so that you can cry some more. You fall to your knees and pray with all your might. And then, you pick yourself up. You wonder around aimlessly for a while, but you figure it out. Maybe you write about it, or paint, sing, dance, yodel, ANYTHING. 

You breathe.

You embrace the next opportunity you have to make a decision because not everyone in this world has the luxury of options. You chose, whatever it is your heart tells you to. And when you pick the wrong one... again... you start from the top. 

April 10, 2011

Sweetest Creation

Spring is here... Take time to notice the beauty around you.

[Big thanks to Abi for this submission] 

April 5, 2011