December 18, 2011


I believe in magic;
in wind blowing through smoke,
in grass growing around concrete,
in trees growing from garbage,
& life springing out of decay.

I believe in small miracles
 in phoenixes & pixies
in laying in the grass until
the sun comes up again
& counting stars all night

in swimming
in a lake, at night
till we cant feel our fingertips

I believe in talking to someone new everyday,
in coloring a dismal building
with cheerful words
& standing up for the silent

I believe we have to save ourselves,
yet you have & continue to help me

I believe in rocking the line between
loneliness & independence
& finding beauty in the breakdown

I believe in feeling hail, sunburn, & wind.

I believe that roses have their thorns,
& that's what makes them beautiful.

I believe that time waits for no man,
& no matter your circumstances,
the world keeps turning.

Emily Sexton 2010

Thank you Emily for the beautiful submission :)


  1. I believe that our lives are a reflection of the seasons that are ever changing..

    I believe each and everyday we are offered a beautiful gift by just waking up...

    I believe if you live peace, then you become peace..

    I believe that our cups are always full, even if there is nothing in them..

  2. I was moved by your blog and your words. Especially how we have to save ourselves. It is true that the world is a reflection of our souls. I've signed up to follow your blog.