June 22, 2011

Some Thoughts On Love

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photo by idea ablaze on flickr
Before anything else we need self-love. Otherwise we won’t feel we have anything to offer others, and we will doubt the love offered to us.

It can be felt for people we have just met, or people we have known our whole lives. Not to say they are similar in nature, but you can love everyone you meet, even just a little.

We cannot survive with too little, we will starve for the affection. But in an ocean of love we lose ourselves, we tire and drown.

It can knock you down, and make you feel the worst you’ll ever feel. But at other times it can just as easily pick you up when you stumble and make you feel whole again.

It can be therapeutic and cleansing. When we love someone we give them a part of ourselves, we share the brightest parts of our soul with them. Whether for a few hours, or for decades, we become renewed.

Fear of losing love is perpetrated by the misconception that we are in some way alone in our experiences. Someone somewhere will always love you, and that is strength enough. Enough to forgive others, forgive yourself, and slowly start all over again.


  1. after a two and a half year relationship we just broke up today- i did so i could reintroduce myself to me fall in love with all i stand for and find where my next step in life was. nothing will ever stop me from loving him- but this was exactly what i needed in this very moment of fear of being alone and that insecurity of knowing something for so long. thank you for giving me this and reminding me all love can be.

  2. I tell you, your blog is amazing. Its so insightful and inspiring