February 24, 2011

Pay It Forward

Submitted by Ashley. 

I was given an assignment in class today, to do something for three people that they can’t do on their own and to pass it on; it’s the movement called “Pay It Forward”.
 I want to take it to the next step and try to reach more than just three people. I want everyone to know that even if their having a bad day, someone somewhere loves them, is thinking about them, and is keeping them in their prayers. That when you've had enough with frustration and hardship, that there will always be something that’s going to change for the better.
 So smile, its scientifically proven to put you in a better mood by releasing serotonin. So become a serotonin junky, hug some one who needs it, or just offer encouraging words, make a new friend, live life.

 I believe in humanity, I believe in you, so pay it forward, the universe will reward you kindly.

I love you and have a phenomenal day!

“My humanity is bound in yours, for we can only 
be human together."


  1. This reminds me of a movie I've once seen. I cannot remember its name unfortunately. But I love that idea, it's so true.

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