February 18, 2021

the light


An Excerpt from Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes, Jr.


an except from a book on consciousness
"Even if life gives us 90% if what we want and protects us from 90% of what we dislike or fear, the remaining 10% will nag our consciousness, dominate our perceptions, perpetuate the churning of our rational mind to "solve the problem," and otherwise keep us from experiencing the state of happiness. For the state of happiness is experienced only when we have an almost continual experience of accepting whatever is here and now in our lives. Just as one mosquito buzzing around our head can keep us awake at night, it may take only one addiction to keep up from experiencing happiness." Ken Keyes, Jr. 

I found the book "Handbook to Higher Consciousness" in a thrift shop one day. I wanted something to read on the bus ride home and grabbed it because of the way it was positioned on the shelf. I started reading it on the way home and the words brought me as close to home as I have ever been. 

It is an old book but somehow the simple knowledge held within it is still not common sense to most of us. 

When he says "it may take only one addiction to keep us from experiencing happiness" he uses the word addiction in a very general way. He is referring to anything that we seek and are disturbed by when it doesn't go our way. It could be a clean house, more money, social attention. It is eye opening to think about what in our lives we allow to rob us of our peace. 

Imagine, a continual state of happiness. Is it attainable? 

May 5, 2012

Wild Child

This weeks submissions are all about being free and being at ease with yourself. 
Try it, even if just for today. 

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.
Winston Churchill
Submitted by Grace Elizabeth Marrero

December 18, 2011


I believe in magic;
in wind blowing through smoke,
in grass growing around concrete,
in trees growing from garbage,
& life springing out of decay.

I believe in small miracles
 in phoenixes & pixies
in laying in the grass until
the sun comes up again
& counting stars all night

in swimming
in a lake, at night
till we cant feel our fingertips

I believe in talking to someone new everyday,
in coloring a dismal building
with cheerful words
& standing up for the silent

I believe we have to save ourselves,
yet you have & continue to help me

I believe in rocking the line between
loneliness & independence
& finding beauty in the breakdown

I believe in feeling hail, sunburn, & wind.

I believe that roses have their thorns,
& that's what makes them beautiful.

I believe that time waits for no man,
& no matter your circumstances,
the world keeps turning.

Emily Sexton 2010

Thank you Emily for the beautiful submission :)